How It Works provides a platform for shipping companies to interact with their customers and gain new customer base, ideal for startup shipping companies as membership is free for the companies and their customers.

Your shipping quotes is easy to use, your account could be ready within minutes, you can register either directly or through one of the supported social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, we are constantly working on improvements and adding more social networks so more people can interact through our website.

Shipping companies upon registration will be required to add at least one vehicle with full dimensions of cargo bay and/or cargo capacity, image is optional. Upon completion of your profile, you will be able to provide quotes on deliveries. Please note, theres is a charge upon acceptance of the quote (more information available on our terms and conditions page). This charge is used as a deposit and is paid by the person/company who has requested a quote.

Requesting quotes, register for free account, list your delivery. You will be required to provide a pickup address and drop off address as well as desired dates. Also you must provide a number of items and dimensions/weight for each. We recommend to add images with each listing, but it is optional. Upon completion of the form your listing is live immediately. No payment is required, for it is free. Once delivery is listed, you will start receiving quotes until the day before the pickup date. Once you accept a quote, you will be required to pay a deposit. Upon payment of deposit, the chosen delivery company will receive a notification with your contact details, and you will receive contact details of the chosen company, too.

Whether you are shipping locally, nationally or require an international delivery can help.